SOLD - 1973 MG B GT V8


1973 MG B GT V8

LMCT 7819


After Ken Costelo’s small scale production of V8 Converted MG B’s in 1970, the market would have to wait 3 Years until they could get their hands on a Factory Built Rover V8 Powered MG B GT. Until September of 1973 Production consisted of Chrome Bumpered GT V8’s numbering 1856 units including just 7 LHD with another 735 Rubber Bumper examples following until July 1976 when production ceased.

Provided with this Stunning B GT is a large, well organised file containing ownership history from new to current day, Comprehensive Invoice history from June 1984 onwards, spanning 36 years, 7 Owners, Two Countries, and 44,000 miles of use.

Arguably the market’s favourite colour combination of Factory Teal Blue bodywork offset by Autumn Leaf trim, this September 1973 Built MG B GT V8 was the 704th GT V8 Produced. The Body, paintwork and Chrome were attended to in 2004 when major metalwork was undertaken on the MG, after 31 years of Driving in the UK’s roads had started to take it’s toll.

Privately imported by a well known and very highly regarded member of the Victorian MG Car Club in February of 2013, it did not take long before the Rare MG V8 was once again subject to major restoration work. Through Late 2013 – Early 2014 the B GT V8 had it’s Engine and Gearbox (including Overdrive) removed, at which time the engine bay was restored and repainted, and the Engine was refreshed with a new cam (Wade #166A) and a reseal, while the Gearbox was sent to Needham for a comprehensive rebuild, before both were reinstalled including a new clutch.

In the most recent ownership the MG received many mechanical upgrades, including: Re-Barrelled 15×6” Wheels retaining original centres, A new set of Toyo Tyres, Rear Telescopic Shock Absorbers, Yella Terra Aluminium Roller Rockers, a 22mm Sway bar, a Rear Panhard Rod Kit, negative Camber Arms, a short shift gear lever, as well a Quaiffe LSD, and more. With Service and maintenance work included in excess of $16,000 has been spent Since July 2017.

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SOLD - 1973 MG B GT V8