Penrite Valve Shield

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Penrite Valve Shield is a petrol treatment containing a combination of proven organic potassium valve seat recession and synthetic detergent additives, formulated to minimise valve seat recession (VSR) in vehicles designed to run on leaded petrol. It meets the valve seat wear protection requirements of both AS 4430.2- 1996 and the Federation of Vintage Motor Clubs (UK).

Application: Penrite Valve Shield should be used as per the dosage table. For best mixing, it should be added just prior to filling the fuel tank. Penrite Valve Shield is specifically designed for use in older vehicles designed to run on leaded petrol. It should be added to either unleaded or premium unleaded petrol at the recommended treatment level to give the VSR protection equivalent or better to that of leaded petrol.

Customer Benefits

• Reduces valve seat recession (VSR) therefore maintaining valve life.

• Improves petrol lubricity extending life of some older types of fuel pumps and injection systems.

• Compatible with catalytic converters.

• Prevents corrosion

• Maintains fuel economy by using an advanced synthetic detergent additive to keep the fuel system clean.

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Penrite Valve Shield