Penrite Running In Oil

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5 litres


Penrite Running In Oil is a SAE 15W-40 engine oil meeting the requirements of API SF/CC specifically formulated to provide the best possible lubrication during the critical run-in period while enabling the engine parts to achieve the correct level of wear to enable good gas sealing of piston rings to cylinder walls.

APPLICATION: Designed for the running in of mainly older design rebuilt engines.

Fill the engine sump with the correct quantity of Penrite Running In Oil.

Drive the car under moderate loads and revs for 500 km (300 miles) and then carry out normal oil drain procedures. Refill the engine with appropriate HPR grade and drive the car under normal conditions but not under excessive loads for a further 2000 km (1200 miles). Drain the oil and replace with the appropriate HPR series lubricant. Oil filter changes should be made each time the engine lubricant is replaced.

Customer Benefits

• Protects valve train components from scuffing and premature wear as it contains the optimum level of anti-wear additive (zinc dithiophosphate).

• Low levels of dispersant/detergent to enable the bedding in of piston rings and cylinders.

• Contains no friction modifiers which can stop the run-in process from being achieved.

• 15W-40 Viscosity to enable good lubrication and oil flow to be provided at wide temperature ranges from cold weather start ups to hot temperature running.

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5 litres

Penrite Running In Oil