Penrite 10 Tenths Premium 5

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5 litre


Application: Penrite 10 Tenths Premium 5 is an SAE 5W-60 oil specifically designed for use in high performance modern petrol engines in all types of vehicles, both on the road and on the track. Penrite 10 Tenths Premium 5 is recommended for use where SAE 5W-50 oils are specified and it is deemed necessary to have a fully man made synthetic engine oil. Such conditions include short-term high load competition, in extremes of both ambient and engine operating temperatures and where the manufacturer has specified the use of a fully synthetic engine oil. Ideal for use in engines sizes from 1 cylinder to 12 (or 16!) cylinders and also in motorcycles with wet clutches.

Customer Benefits

• Recommended for naturally aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged engines.

• Suitable for use with E85, avgas, methanol and nitro as well as conventional fuel.

• Longer engine life by reducing formation of high temperature engine deposits.

• Wear reduction from use of a combination of ultra-pure synthetic base oils and a European-standard additive package.

• Potentially longer oil life even in high performance vehicles.

• Reduced oil consumption due to use of highly specialised, ultra-pure, low volatility synthetic base oils.

• Very fast flow at start-up combined with full-bodied high temperature protection

• Has Penrite’s Extra 10 for extra protection at operating temperature.

Additional information

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5 litre

Penrite 10 Tenths Premium 5