Dayton Wire Wheels Spline Drive



The Healey Factory is the Australian Agent for Dayton Wire Wheels.

Dayton Wire Wheels Spline Drive are a direct replacement replica of the Rudge spline drive wire wheel found on many vintage sportscars.  Dayton’s design, however, incorporates a variety of improvements such as forged hubs (vs. stamped steel) and their exclusive Perma-True technology. The end result is better handling, smoother ride and longer wheel life.

  • Standard 4 layer nickel chrome finish on all rims, nips and hubs
  • High polished stainless steel wire spokes in 64, 70 & 72 count.
  • Perma-true technology on all Dayton spline drive wire wheels

Splin Drive Dia

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Dayton Wire Wheels Spline Drive