Dayton Wire Wheels

The Healey Factory is proud to be the Australian Agent for Dayton Wire Wheels.

Beautiful, but tough.

Those who appreciate a fine car enough to add the elegant finishing touch of authentic wire wheels deserve the best – Dayton.

And because of their beauty, it is sometimes easy to forget that these are also the most ruggedly built wire wheels in the industry.

Manufactured in-house under strict quality standards Dayton Wheels feature:

Stainless steel alloy spokes which cannot rust and have twice the fatigue resistance of chrome plated spokes.

Swaged spokes which are thicker at the hub and tapered to the rim. The swaging process gives the spokes a smooth, brilliant finish, provides more even distribution of stress and allows the use of more spokes for added strength.

Four-layer nickel-chrome plating, for greater durability and corrosion resistance.

Custom designs with the bolt circle and centre locating hole precisely machined to each vehicles original wheel specification for smooth running.

Tubeless designs which provide a guaranteed seal, yet the wheel can still be dissembled for repair if damaged.

Expert polishing of all parts. Rims are polished on both front and back sides.

Designs tested to the Society Of Automotive Engineers specifications J328 for fatigue resistance.

Each wheel is hand-tightened and gauged for concentricity.

Spokes are preloaded with even tension for durability and precise wheel alignment.

Periodic retrueing and retightening is not required.

All wheels have manufacturers warranty of 3 years.

Also available bolt-on wire wheels to suit many applications. What all this adds up to is simply the finest, most elegant, most durable wire wheel on the market today.

  • Dayton Wire Wheels Knock Off Dayton Wire Wheels Knock Off
  • Dayton Wire Wheels Spline Drive Dayton Wire Wheels Spline Drive
    • Dayton Wire Wheels Spline Drive Dayton Wire Wheels Spline Drive
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    • Dayton Wire Wheels Spline Drive
    • Dayton Wire Wheel’s spline drives are a direct replacement replica of the Rudge spline drive wire wheel found on many vintage sportscars. Dayton’s design, however, incorporates a variety of improvments such as forged hubs (vs. stamped steel) and their exclusive Perma-True technology. The end result is better handling, smoother ride and longer wheel life. Ordering is as simple as supplying…
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