Arriving at The Healey Factory as a Primrose Yellow, well used but tired and drivable E Type, this car underwent a total ground up restoration transforming the vehicle into a mobile work of art. This exquisite E Type is now ready to be enjoyed by the owner and admired by car enthusiasts wherever the car goes.

The enthusiast owner had requested a number of modifications including the removal of the Webasto sunroof, brake upgrades to ventilated discs, air-conditioning, alloy radiator, electric fan, Blue tooth radio, 6” Dayton wire wheels and a 5 speed gearbox. Whilst modified this car retains all of its iconic 1960’s beauty and style yet incorporates more modern technology to enhance the driving performance and experience.

Having determined with the client the required options the Healey Factory craftsmen (HFC’s) start the restoration process, beginning with a total strip down of the vehicle. Once down to its bare monocoque state the HFC’s have the vehicle media blasted to identify any areas requiring repair or replacement. If panels require fabrication then the in house skills and equipment ensure that the panel fit and placement is as good as if not better than the original factory fitment.

Many hours of body and panel work, trial fit of panels and final paint preparation and application continued until the body emerged with its beautiful luster and finish.

Simultaneously all mechanical components were being disassembled, restored, rebuilt, polished, plated or machined in order to bring the 3.8 litre twin cam back to its former glory. All of this mechanical work being completed by the dedicated and experienced HFC’s in the in-house engine workshop.

Once all the mechanical components had been reassembled incorporating the client’s desired engine, suspension and braking upgrades the car moved to the restoration assembly area where all the lovingly restored components came together. Wiring, instrumentation and chrome work as well as a complete retrim in Connolly hide with Wilton carpets now completed the transformation.

The car was now ready for road testing and registration-

This exquisite restoration is a tribute to the owner’s dream and the preparation, skilled and methodical workmanship approach taken by the passionate Healey Factory team.

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